CEIR Predict Post Event Recap on Predictions

CEIR Predict Post Event Recap on Predictions

What's to come in the next few years? Read the final installment of the CEIR Predict recap series with Dr. Sam Potolicchio's predictions shared exclusively at CEIR Predict.

CEIR’s annual conference implies predictions, so we’re excited to close this post-conference blog series with precisely that – Dr. Sam Potolicchio’s yearly forecast.

Each year at CEIR Predict, Dr. Sam Potolicchio, President, Preparing Global Leaders Forum, shares what he believes is on the horizon well before the sun rises.

While the accuracy of prophetic and talismanic future-telling may be up for debate, we sure can get behind the importance of clarity and insights around the economic, geopolitical, and social trends impacting our industry as we get back to business.

Let’s review what Dr. Potolicchio had to say:

Pandemic Predictions:  

  • COVID will be under control by 2025, but variants will affect us for a long time.
  • The U.S. can expect another 400,000 COVID-19 related deaths by the end of 2022.
  • Mental health ‘depths of despair’ will continue impacting the U.S. and global communities as the pandemic continues. (Dr. Potolicchio recommends the book, ‘The Body Keeps the Score‘)
  • There will be other naturally occurring pandemics.
  • Expect more information to break on the source of COVID-19.

Political Landscape Predictions:

  • Donald Trump will run in 2024 and will announce his candidacy after the mid-term elections.
  • Watch Pete Buttigieg come to the forefront of the Democratic Party due to his climate change policies.

Economic Predictions:

  • Bullish on the U.S. for innovation.
  • Commodities (uranium, lithium, copper, silver, gold) are favorable investments.
  • The pandemic has disproportionately impacted women as caregivers, and many are not returning to full-time employment.

Climate Change Predictions:

  • There will be climate apartheid, but eventually, we’ll meet the climate change challenges through invention and innovation.

B2B Events:

  • B2B events will transform and shift to stay relevant. Supplemental digital programming will make engagements more dynamic and enhance physical events.

While it wasn’t a prediction, per se, certainly the highlight of the session came when Dr. Potolicchio gave his parting words, “We need people-to-people communication, and for that reason, our industry is at the forefront.

I thought that battle cry was reminiscent of David Saef’s perspective about events as an overlooked vehicle for change. Perhaps events and gatherings will prove fundamental in facing many of the challenges Dr. Potolicchio outlined.

Here’s to our industry’s role in making that happen.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog series on the content of CEIR Predict. If you missed any installments, they are all available at here.

We’ll save you a seat in the front row next year.

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