Looking Forward to Session at EXHIBITOR2013 – A Conversation on Aligning Exhibit Face-to-Face Interaction with What Attendees Value Most

Post written by Nancy Drapeau, PRC

It is a privilege to conduct a session with a core constituency, exhibitors; those who are on the front lines of engaging with attendees, to share some of these trends and to facilitate a discussion to generate ideas on how to assure exhibit strategies are in line with them.

There is a symbiotic relationship between all players in the exhibition industry.  An exhibition organizer needs to assure that it delivers the right attendees to an exhibition. When the organizer has done its job, then it falls to exhibitors to do theirs. When an attendee takes the time to come to one’s booth, especially one’s target prospect, what is the right face-to-face interaction approach that positions an exhibiting company’s chances for success, to make a connection that ultimately converts into a sale?  Does the company pull out all the bells and whistles with a theatre-styled presentation or does a one-on-one discussion with exhibit staff have the best chances for success?  This session will discuss relevant findings from recent CEIR trend studies and will involve peer-to-peer discussion on current practices and ideas on how to align an exhibiting approach effectively. If you are in Las Vegas for this event, come to the session: Align Your Exhibit Face-to-Face Interactions with What Attendees Value Most.

Another perennial challenge faced by exhibitors is exhibitor training.  I will be moderating a peer-to-peer roundtable discussion aimed at sharing ideas for Effective Exhibitor Training Programs, Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm in South Seas F. Come by and share your thoughts and experiences!

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