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By Ingrid Rip A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL Discussions about culture during the event planning process are important because you may not share the same culture as the key stakeholders you work for or the attendees for whom you design and program the event. Professionalism of the people you are […]

Face-to-face is one of the most trusted sources of relationship building. B2B exhibitions provide buyers and sellers the marketing medium to conduct business. In this case study, D. Bradley Kent, Senior Vice President & Chief Sales Officer of VisitDallas shares his takeaways from the Head of Marketing Insights series, which quantifies the power of B2B […]

By Jessie States A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL   Accessing and sharing information among various event, venue, agencies and organizations is challenging, but necessary for developing effective situational and operational awareness, and your information must be “consumable” and “actionable” to be useful. Here are some helpful steps to establishing communication […]

How do you evaluate that your exhibition has given value to your attendees? The Attendee ROI Playbook series addresses the process of how attendees evaluate the outcome or the metrics most commonly used to determine whether the trip was worthwhile. To gather insight as to how CEIR subscribers benefited from the research, D. Bradley Kent […]

By Mike Doane Conferences and trade shows provide education and opportunity to a wide range of people with different abilities. It is more important than ever to make sure these people can access the full range of opportunities your event has to offer, both online and onsite. That’s why many tech companies are embracing website […]

By Mike Doane Liz Selover, AUA Conventions and Meetings Manager, and her team member, Kaili Johnson, needed a way to manage housing, travel, and registration details for their VIP members and attendees. They wanted something that would alleviate human error and automate their process. How to treat VIPs with the highest honor Selover and Johnson […]

By Scott Stedronsky A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL [This article was originally published by MPI Chicago Area Chapter.] It’s one of the first things event planners ruminate over as they get the go-ahead to execute the next big corporate confab: What food to serve attendees. Among event planning priorities, yes, the […]