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Our followers. Out audience is broad. Followers have wide-ranging interests and experiences, and are members of three generations. They share in common the fact that their livelihoods depend on the face-to-face live event industry.

Follow the beat. Choose a topic you’re knowledgeable about, passionate about, curious about, even angry about; but be sure the one you choose falls under one of our beats: event trends, event research, event management, event design, event technology, event marketing, event life.

Only connect. This is a free-form blog. Its raison d’être is to help followers transform the ways they design events. It doesn’t exist to lure a lot of innocents, in the hope of selling 1% of them something. It exists to serve, in the servant’s sense of the word. We believe the answers are out there.

Love research. Bloggers for CEIR love research. Surveys. Case studies. Experiments. Expert opinions. Content analysis. Their posts leverage it, like the best posts on sites like, J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, and We believe research expands every professional.

Manifest value. Bloggers for CEIR offer hacks. Even simple ones can make a big difference to followers’ careers. Bloggers for CEIR also push followers relentlessly toward new outlooks, in the hope of changing their thinking about events. We believe hacks can accelerate action, and fresh thinking can improve events.

Paint a rainbow. The blog champions a cavalcade of voices—especially spokespeople for Gen X and Y. Liberty exists when we avoid running with the pack. We believe there are hundreds of definitions of success in the event business.

Stay on task. While the blog is free form, the bloggers aren’t free range. We grant contributors their passions; but their contributions aren’t vanity posts. Instead, they answer followers’ questions, build and sustain connections with followers, position CEIR as a thought leader, persuade funders to support CEIR, and capture earned media. We believe in focus.

Never suitcase. No self-promotion permitted. The CEIR blog is not the place to be salesy, pushy, or braggy. It’s a forum to share research, insight, knowledge, expertise and opinion generously. We believe trust is our most important asset.

Stay real. The CEIR blog champions authenticity. It’s a BS-free zone. We believe showing scars is more informative than showing medals.

Write until it gets dull. The right length of any post has nothing to do with social media experts’ notions of “the perfect length” and everything to do with readers’ delight and speed of apprehension. We won’t hit publish until any post is clear, fun, and up to par. We will never be boring. We believe in posts crafted to teach, engage and stick—no matter the length.

Slow blog. Bloggers will go deep and reclaim authority. They will post on topics worthy of conversation, when they have mulled over the topic, taken the time to check the facts, considered opposing views, and anticipated counterarguments. The deeper we go, the more likely followers will find something of value. We believe that nothing of true value comes easily.

Encourage sharing. Emotions engage followers and make them want to share. Bloggers will voice viral emotions like awe, delight, humility, fear, disgust and fury. But they’ll avoid anti-viral emotions like contentment, self-satisfaction, disappointment, inclusion, sadness and hate. We believe in good vibes.

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