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The word "virtual" has been taking the industry by storm but should it be used in conjunction with events? Don Neal of 360 Live Media shares his thoughts on why virtual should be dropped from the phrase "virtual events."
As more organizations move their shows to the unknown territory of digital, guidance is necessary. Read the tips from the IAEE YP Committee on their virtual events experience. 
Scott Hutmacher of Nudge Mill shares how he produced an outdoor event during a pandemic and the lessons learned. The takeaways may just surprise you.
Rachel Wimberly has been reporting on the B2B exhibitions industry for over 15 years. She is positive the U.S. events industry will recover from COVID-19's effects.
2020 CEIR Chairperson, Carrie Ferenac shares her thoughts on the state of the exhibitions industry in her quarterly letter to the CEIR community.
CEIR CEO Cathy Breden provides a summer update to the state of the B2B exhibitions industry and remains optimistic that the industry will recover.
In this two-parter, Robyn Davis of Exhibitors WINH LLC continues sharing her top takeaways from CEIR's Head of Marketing Insight series.
Robyn Davis of Exhibitors WINH LLC shares her top takeaways from CEIR's Head of Marketing Insight series.

By: Nicole Bowman, MBA, VP of Marketing & Communications, IAEE and CEIR 2020 has been a real train wreck. Let’s just get that out there and deal with it. I often think about what I will reminisce about with my daughter 10 years from now when she’s off to college (hopefully) about this current situation. […]

By: Brian Casey, CEM, Executive Director, International Textile Alliance Recently, I was approached as past CEO of the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) to write a blog on the future of the events industry following the article written by Doug Ducate, my predecessor at CEIR. Having followed Doug as CEO, who was the CEO […]