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CEIR Research Council Member Brett C. Mitchell, CVE shares how he and the Overland Park Convention Center use CEIR research to maximize their goals and objectives.
CEIR Research Council Member Jackie James shares how she and Informa Markets use CEIR research to maximize their goals and objectives.
CEIR's Nancy Drapeau, IPC, VP of Research presents why Epistemix's forecasts can help planning events safely.
MPI's World Education Congress (WEC) has not missed a beat despite the pandemic, demonstrating that in-person events remain the top choice.
How has event marketing changed due to COVID-19? Read the write-up on the previously held #IAEE webinar, “Event Marketing, Then and Now: 10 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed the Future of Attendee Acquisition.”
How does one marketer use CEIR data for planning during uncertain times. Find out here.

By: Nicole Bowman, MBA, VP of Marketing & Communications, IAEE and CEIR 2020 has been a real train wreck. Let’s just get that out there and deal with it. I often think about what I will reminisce about with my daughter 10 years from now when she’s off to college (hopefully) about this current situation. […]

If you’re looking for compelling ways to engage your event audience year-round, stop spinning your wheels and try looking outside of the realm of events for inspiration.

Despite the international trade war with the United States and other countries and concerns over the rise of digital offerings that could potentially replace face-to-face interaction between buyers and sellers, the exhibitions industry continues to grow and prove that face-to-face communication is essential to building trust and fostering long-lasting relationships in the marketplace. The Center […]

By MPI A SPECIAL SECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MEETING PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL This article was originally published by Planyourmeetings.com As an executive, sales professional or member of a large team, you know how important it is to do your homework. More specifically, you need a full view of your clients or customers, so you know what […]