SISO $100,000 gift to CEIR

by Greg Ortale
President and CEO Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau

In the afterglow of the CEIR Predict Conference which took place in New York City a couple of weeks ago, one notable event occurred that merits highlighted commentary.

The current chairman of SISO (Society of Independent Show Organizers), David Audrain, CEM announced a $100,000 gift to CEIR. This gift is significant for many reasons, in particular:

  • It validates the importance of the work of CEIR to the exhibition industry
  • Is  tangible recognition that quality research requires support;  and
  • Is a leadership statement demonstrated by action rather than words.

As the chair of CEIR, I cannot thank the leadership of SISO enough for the affirmation this contribution represents.

It takes resources to fund the research CEIR produces. SISO’s commitment to the CEIR Foundation is an example which everyone in the industry should emulate.

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